Nice work ending up here.

Happy to have you!

Nice Work is a newsletter for humans who want to:

  • Work in a nice environment

  • Work with (and be) nice people

  • And do nice work.

Simple, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy to find as it sounds - toxic bosses/colleagues/clients, hustle culture, and unattainable perfectionism pervades our workplaces and makes it difficult to show up as a human being.

But human, nice-to-be workplaces are indeed possible to find. And if you can’t find one, you can create one.

To help you get there, Nice Work will share essays, tips and considerations for maneuvering through challenging work situations with integrity while owning your expertise and building a nicer, more balanced life.

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Nice Work is a newsletter & movement for nicer work & workplaces.


Yes, you. Nice work. Nice work being here. Nice work on that thing you did today.
Writer behind Nice Work. Co-founder and MD of 💜